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Back in middle school, I used to skate a Lance Mountain Mini (that is, until some terrible person stole it – right out of my garage!).  These were the pre-kickflippery days — instead of hardflips and nollie 360 heelflips, we were learning how to boneless (thanks, Tony Hawk!), no comply (thanks, Mike V!), bertslide, and — one day — to pull of a ho ho handplant (where, oh where, did they come up with these names!).

Every Bones Brigade video was a cause for celebration, but The Search for Animal Chin took it to the next level.  My head almost exploded when they revealed the secret door on the connected ramp (watch the clip below):

If I were ever to get an old school skateboarding tattoo, it would be the old Rat Bones logo.

According to Apartment Therapy, the iPhone goes back… waaay back.

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If I had entrance music or a rad metal band following me around, I would totally steal the awesome intro the Detroit Pistons have been using for, like, forever… I’m taking, of course, about The Final Countdown by Europe.

What Gob Bluth lacks in magical chops, he makes up for in intro-music enthusiasm. And, of course, the soundtrack to his mad magical preening is The Final Countdown.  Observe:

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How does one calculate the awesomeness of this video?

A sampling of the Petrified brilliance contained therein:

  • 00:05 – Thank you, sign man, for the warning:  “Danger… you’re about to enter a whimsical rock world of high kicks and hot licks.”
  • 00:25 – Quick cut to the drummer wearing a florescent pink painter’s cap with the brim turned up, open mouth grin and double drumstick twirl.
  • 00:30 – Dramatic black & white shot of the keytarist’s silhouette.
  • 00:47 – Wait!  Can you handle the rock?  Is your face melting?  Is your heart still beating?  Yes?  Good.  Let’s continue.
  • 00:56 – The Carlton.
  • 1:10 – We just want you to know that we’re not always serious, “message” rockers.  I mean it: this isn’t even a guitar (it’s a wood plank) and that mic he’s singing into?  It’s a drumstick!
  • 1:50 – Old timey judges rule.
  • 2:10 – Let me illustrate the meaning of the chorus here.
  • 3:11 – That face-melting solo couldn’t just be the work of two hands, could it?

In honor of Graham Parker, who recently solved a Rubik’s Cube after 26 long years of trying, here are a few videos to get you on track for solving that cursed 80s enigma: