How does one calculate the awesomeness of this video?

A sampling of the Petrified brilliance contained therein:

  • 00:05 – Thank you, sign man, for the warning:  “Danger… you’re about to enter a whimsical rock world of high kicks and hot licks.”
  • 00:25 – Quick cut to the drummer wearing a florescent pink painter’s cap with the brim turned up, open mouth grin and double drumstick twirl.
  • 00:30 – Dramatic black & white shot of the keytarist’s silhouette.
  • 00:47 – Wait!  Can you handle the rock?  Is your face melting?  Is your heart still beating?  Yes?  Good.  Let’s continue.
  • 00:56 – The Carlton.
  • 1:10 – We just want you to know that we’re not always serious, “message” rockers.  I mean it: this isn’t even a guitar (it’s a wood plank) and that mic he’s singing into?  It’s a drumstick!
  • 1:50 – Old timey judges rule.
  • 2:10 – Let me illustrate the meaning of the chorus here.
  • 3:11 – That face-melting solo couldn’t just be the work of two hands, could it?