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The other day, my daughter said that she would get breakfast ready for all of us.

She decided to prepare peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.  My wife told me that as they were prepping together in the kitchen, she heard our daughter start saying:

First, you wait patiently while Mommy gets the bread out.  Today, we’re using wheat bread, but you can use any kind of bread you’d like to make your own sandwich…

Spoken like a true celebrity chef!  Maybe we’ll see her taking on Morimoto on Iron Chef or throwing down with Bobby Flay.  My daughter already has her favorites from Top Chef and Top Chef Masters.

Via the Seoul Eats blog, I just couldn’t resist re-posting this photo. So funny. So icky.

I know Swine Flu is pretty serious, but this quote is just too funny:

Plus I heard they feed the Korean pigs Kimchi. Kimchi is the cure all for everything. Apparently that’s what kept the Avian Flu away, so I don’t think the swine flu has any chance.

If we’re going to have to start wearing masks around town, forget those fancy-pants designer masks, I’m totally going to wear this one.

In the meantime, a visual to help keep us Swine Flu-free [via Joon Mo Kang]:

Back in middle school, I used to skate a Lance Mountain Mini (that is, until some terrible person stole it – right out of my garage!).  These were the pre-kickflippery days — instead of hardflips and nollie 360 heelflips, we were learning how to boneless (thanks, Tony Hawk!), no comply (thanks, Mike V!), bertslide, and — one day — to pull of a ho ho handplant (where, oh where, did they come up with these names!).

Every Bones Brigade video was a cause for celebration, but The Search for Animal Chin took it to the next level.  My head almost exploded when they revealed the secret door on the connected ramp (watch the clip below):

If I were ever to get an old school skateboarding tattoo, it would be the old Rat Bones logo.

… just a couple of things that caught my eye this week …

First up, the first South Korean film to show at Sundance, Old Partner is a documentary about the unique bond between an elderly farmer and his cow.  It might sound strange at first, but read the description below and watch the trailer for yourself.  It looks like a lovely film…

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Being a fan of Andy Samberg’s work (Lettuce, his work as Blizzy B), I was really excited to watch Hot Rod.  While I enjoyed it the first time through, the more I think about some of the scenes, the more I appreciate their brilliance!

“Was that because of us?” + “Things started off super positive, then it just got crazy” + John Farnham’s You’re the Voice = Comedic gold

The Europe soundtrack, the whispy stache, “may your hammer be mighty,” the punch-kick at 1:35, “is that a throwing star?!”…

* * * * *

However, I’m not so sure about the new Nissan Cube.

I love me some boxy-looking cars, but there’s something about the asymmetric back window that screams, “No, seriously, we’re young and hip and with it. Kids these days love the wacky imbalanced look.” If I remember correctly, the Japanese version of the Cube I saw last year had normal windows.  And I really liked that version.