… just a couple of things that caught my eye this week …

First up, the first South Korean film to show at Sundance, Old Partner is a documentary about the unique bond between an elderly farmer and his cow.  It might sound strange at first, but read the description below and watch the trailer for yourself.  It looks like a lovely film…

For forty years, the animal has served them faithfully—hauling untold firewood loads and dragging the plow through fertile fields. A gently unfolding meditation on the cycle of life, Old Partner playfully and poetically tells the story of the ineffable bond between Mr. Lee and his ox as their lives wind down in tandem… A charming, heartbreaking, existential buddy tale, Old Partner conveys the almost mystical inextricability of humans and nature.

* * * * *

And, just to take your mind off of the existential interwovenness of humanity and bovinity, I give you, um, these [h/t: notcot]:

Why would you get these?  Because Easter is just around the corner, and robots are strong.