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Lately, I’ve been noticing this bit of grammatical trickery floating around the internets, often in the following form:

Best. Day. Ever.

I often see it associated with gaming/comic/nerd culture.  For example, a recent episode of Heroes used this particular phrase during a subtitled portion of Hiro’s dialogue, which was spoken in Japanese.  In the same scene, Seth Green’s character utters the phrase out loud, with dramatic pauses in between each word (as the periods after each word would seem to dictate).

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Jesus laid down His life for us.

And this is how you know it was Christ’s love working in my heart during the three days of our kids camp:

There is simply no other explanation for how I could spend several days handling bugs of all manner, especially the beast picture above.

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While Mitsuwa just added tasty ramen to what can now rightly be called a food court there (before it was only one restaurant, which doesn’t seem to be a court in my mind) Marukai, with its aisles and aisles of $1.50 fun, might be my favorite store in the greater San Diego area.

For instance, over the weekend I purchased an awesome keyboard patch there which, if I had my way, would be ironed/sewed onto every article of clothing I own.

But the best purchase of the day was certainly this treasure:

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Our family just went to our first Padres game tonight with friends from our church community, and I must say I am genuinely impressed with Petco Park. A few highlights:

Tickets for the grassy picnic knoll area are only $5 apiece, which is great for families with kids and for bringing a big group of people.

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Here you can find a collection of my past Mixtape=Love playlists (even if they’ve become only a semi-annual event)…

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