While Mitsuwa just added tasty ramen to what can now rightly be called a food court there (before it was only one restaurant, which doesn’t seem to be a court in my mind) Marukai, with its aisles and aisles of $1.50 fun, might be my favorite store in the greater San Diego area.

For instance, over the weekend I purchased an awesome keyboard patch there which, if I had my way, would be ironed/sewed onto every article of clothing I own.

But the best purchase of the day was certainly this treasure:

This wonderful ninja mask is #2 in a series of five. We purchased numbers 1 and 5 for my brother-in-law and his girlfriend in Brooklyn, in case you were wondering.

It’s difficult to distinguish in the grainy cell phone snapshot, but the color of this “Party Ranger” mask is “Narcissistic Blue.”

This, quite possibly, might be the best $1.50 I’ve ever spent.

I wanted to put it on and then go check the mail, but my wife dissuaded me from that notion. I did, however, don the party ranger #2 mask with sincerity and gladness of heart in our kitchen, as evidenced below:

I’m hoping my Party Ranger mask will qualify me to join Super Crew (despite my persistent inability to make their hand gesture):