Our family just went to our first Padres game tonight with friends from our church community, and I must say I am genuinely impressed with Petco Park. A few highlights:

Tickets for the grassy picnic knoll area are only $5 apiece, which is great for families with kids and for bringing a big group of people.

* * * * *

To the right of this area, there’s also a really cool kids’ baseball diamond.

One of our church members said that some people actually arrive really early to some games with their kids and play an organized game together.

I’m thinking it would be the perfect site for a rousing interchurch kickball tournament, but maybe that’s just me…

* * * * *

There is also a really big sandbox area right behind the right field fence, in front of the bleachers (which are also pretty great, with a grassy area for your feet in each row):

* * * * *

And, even though the Padres lost (again!), there were some really cool fireworks that went off when Chase Headley hit a homerun. I left the park loudly remarking about how cool Petco Park was, and a total stranger turned around and loudly agreed with me.

For a family of non-baseball fans (sorry, baseball) Petco Park was a really fun experience for us. We’re definitely planning on going back again sometime soon.