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With a name like “Destroy This Place” and sporting a font in the title sequence that might feel at home on an Earache Records album cover, no one would blame you for being ready to toss up some metal hornz as you queued up this track, Graves.

Don’t let the font fool you, though, friends.

This is 90s Chapel Hill indie rawk bliss, taking the torch from Superchunk (not Torche).

Fear the deer, support the D:

[h/t: Jason Evans]

I find it increasingly difficult to keep up with all the music being released these days.  And, perhaps due to my increasingly crotchety old man disposition, I find myself favoring old-timey indie rock (although, I still enjoy plenty of current music, as you’ll see below).

So, without any further caveats, here is some of the music (and music-related) stuff I liked from this past year:

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Mark Canesco has made his font, Quatro, available for free download here.  You’ll need to email him directly to get the link (despite the overwhelming number of requests he has received, Mark was very prompt in replying to my email). Check out some of the great logos he’s created over on his site.  [h/t: AisleOne]

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How’s that for a “Best of” list title?  Whether released this year or not, here is some of the music I enjoyed throughout 2008, alphabetically for your perusal:

The Bake Sale, by The Cool Kids
Let’s Stay Friends, 3/5 and Inches, by Les Savy Fav
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, by Pavement
Rusty, by Rodan
Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust, by Sigur Ros
Dear Science, by TV on the Radio
It’s Getting Tougher to Say the Right Things, by Unbroken
At Mount Zoomer, by Wolf Parade

Throw in there various tracks by Annuals, Cloud Cult, Department of Eagles, +/-Kanye West (yes, even some of the auto-tuned madness), Los Campesinos!, and Jay Reatard, just for good measure.

And, below, a video that cannot be contained within the confines of one calendar year:

Although some reunion shows have received a lot more press (My Bloody Valentine curating/headlining ATP, Love & Rockets and Krafwerk at Coachella or Sebadoh performing Bubble and Scrape, just to name a few from 2008). I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the flyer below:

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Lately, I’ve been noticing this bit of grammatical trickery floating around the internets, often in the following form:

Best. Day. Ever.

I often see it associated with gaming/comic/nerd culture.  For example, a recent episode of Heroes used this particular phrase during a subtitled portion of Hiro’s dialogue, which was spoken in Japanese.  In the same scene, Seth Green’s character utters the phrase out loud, with dramatic pauses in between each word (as the periods after each word would seem to dictate).

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Jesus laid down His life for us.

And this is how you know it was Christ’s love working in my heart during the three days of our kids camp:

There is simply no other explanation for how I could spend several days handling bugs of all manner, especially the beast picture above.

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