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While it might lack the immediate appeal to adults or older kids that, say, VeggieTales might have (with their Monty Python-referencing irreverence, snappy one-liners and fully-orchestrated songs), we have found that the little ones in our church enjoy Max Lucado’s animated Hermie series.  My six-year old daughter was pretty excited to receive our copy of Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure for review.

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… just a couple of things that caught my eye this week …

First up, the first South Korean film to show at Sundance, Old Partner is a documentary about the unique bond between an elderly farmer and his cow.  It might sound strange at first, but read the description below and watch the trailer for yourself.  It looks like a lovely film…

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Being a fan of Andy Samberg’s work (Lettuce, his work as Blizzy B), I was really excited to watch Hot Rod.  While I enjoyed it the first time through, the more I think about some of the scenes, the more I appreciate their brilliance!

“Was that because of us?” + “Things started off super positive, then it just got crazy” + John Farnham’s You’re the Voice = Comedic gold

The Europe soundtrack, the whispy stache, “may your hammer be mighty,” the punch-kick at 1:35, “is that a throwing star?!”…

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However, I’m not so sure about the new Nissan Cube.

I love me some boxy-looking cars, but there’s something about the asymmetric back window that screams, “No, seriously, we’re young and hip and with it. Kids these days love the wacky imbalanced look.” If I remember correctly, the Japanese version of the Cube I saw last year had normal windows.  And I really liked that version.

Last Friday, after one one of our community‘s weekday gatherings, we watched Religulous by Bill Maher.

Some friends from our community wanted to see if he brought up any legitimate concerns about Christian faith, and to see if these were the same kinds of questions their friends might have.  The short answer: no, he didn’t really bring up anything new and no, it’s hard to imagine friends being as hostile and derisive as he was throughout the film.

Without trying to pop-analyze Bill Maher, it did seem that much of his distaste for organized religion — the Catholocism of his youth, in particular — came from a place of personal hurt.  I think many of us, unfortuantely, can relate to the hurt, frustration and anger of wrongs done in the name of Jesus or His people.

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My wife led an overnight sleepover at church this weekend for our elementary ministry.  She did an incredible job pastoring and leading the kids — and all while being very sick all week.  As everyone who knows both of us always likes to remind me, I’m a very lucky man!

After the day’s activities concluded, the kids stayed up to watch Evan Almighty.  While brushing my teeth, I overheard two of the boys talking about the portrayal of God by Morgan Freeman in the film.  One said to the other, “I never pictured that God would be a person.”  The other replied that he thought it was just because it was a movie.  Thoughtfully, the first boy replied, “But what does it mean then that we are made like God?”

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