While it might lack the immediate appeal to adults or older kids that, say, VeggieTales might have (with their Monty Python-referencing irreverence, snappy one-liners and fully-orchestrated songs), we have found that the little ones in our church enjoy Max Lucado’s animated Hermie series.  My six-year old daughter was pretty excited to receive our copy of Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure for review.

From my experience, the Hermie series is a good fit for the 3 through 7 year old age range. The pacing is slow enough for little ones to follow the story.  This video tells the story of Skeeter the mosquito’s struggle to discover his unique identity.  According to my daughter, “I liked the story. It was about being unique. God loves everybody!”

As one might expect, this is definitely family-friendly fare – no violence or questionable language anywhere near here.  Overall, Skeeter is a nice addition to the Hermie series and enjoyable for the kids.