I forgot how awesome Katamari Damacy was until we recently purchased a copy of the first game (for ten dollars! with free shipping! thanks, buy.com!). While the game is kind of hard to explain in a compelling way, it is loads of fun. Basically, your task is to roll an ever larger ball of stuff (your katamari) until you’ve basically rolled up the entire world. Kind of eschatological, if you think about it.

The quotes from the title of this post are from the King of All Cosmos, giver of katamari tasks and owner of awesome ‘stache. I’m holding out hope that Beautiful Katamari will eventually come out for the Wii.

Katamari is a global movement. Here are some of the places in which you’ll find the wide-ranging cultural impact Katamari has had: fine art, legos, crochet, spring break, knock-off ads, baked goods, high fashion, conferences and Germany.

Get on the Royal Rainbow before you’re left behind! And pick me up a t-shirt or two while you’re at it!

Check out the music in the clip below. If there were some more angular guitars, it might fit well alongside Battles or Blood Brothers (maybe).