… just doesn’t have quite the same ring as “shake it like a Polaroid picture,” does it?

Polaroid — whose name is indelibly linked with instant photographs — has left the film business. In addition to foiling the clever word-play of that Outkast single, this move has disappointed scores of enthusiasts nationwide. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, but there’s something about the tactile, analogue feel of Polaroid snapshots. These photos, with their iconic built-in frame, were instantly recognizable, and evoke something you just can’t get from a 2.5 inch LCD screen.

This past week, we had begun to despair after searching Targets throughout America’s finest city to no avail in hopes of replacing our long-gone Polaroid camera. However, we managed to grab one of the last two cameras remaining at a local Walmart. The test photos we snapped of our daughter have that lovely old school feel they’re supposed to have.

While there are plenty of tutorials on how to make a Polaroid-type shot using Photoshop, it will never be quite the same as the real thing.