Although some reunion shows have received a lot more press (My Bloody Valentine curating/headlining ATP, Love & Rockets and Krafwerk at Coachella or Sebadoh performing Bubble and Scrape, just to name a few from 2008). I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the flyer below:

For many of us, Unbroken defined a generation of hardcore music — not only with their metallic chugga-chugga riffery, but with their sincerity and heart.  In fact, their two conditions for playing this reunion show were based on friendship and a good cause. None of the bands are getting paid so that all of the proceeds can go to benefit various causes.  As Rob from Unbroken writes:

Amazing people that have poured their hearts into a book and a scene have for the first time, made me and others in the band feel that it will be a fun and heartwarming experience for good causes. I am not going to lie, we have been offered huge money to play various fests in the states and abroad over the past 10 yrs and we have ALWAYS said no. We’ve known the people behind the Chicago show for over 15yrs. They are honest and sincere people, that have nothing but respect for the scene and their communities. It is because of their good intentions, this whole thing has come about.

We said the only way we will do it is if: A:Undertow plays in Chicago as that band was VERY close to us. B:100% of the money after their expenses goes to charity.

I’m definitely too old to relive the kickboxing moshpit glory days with these bands, but I cannot wait to see Unbroken and Undertow.  The last time I saw Swing Kids was this show waaay back in ’95 (now, I feel officially old!).