Hometown heroes, the Red Wings, are back in the Stanley Cup finals! Like the Pistons, though they have been consistently in the upper echelons of their league over the last several years, they have not managed to win a championship in quite a while. Is it worse to come close to winning or just plain stink (for example, like the hometown Lions)?

There are many reasons to love hockey: in addition to the vast array of glorious mullets, the flamboyant outfits and opinions of Don Cherry, and even the referees’ appreciation of a Kocur one punch haymaker, hockey combines intricate athleticism with brute force at breakneck speed.

Plus, town rivalries even carry over into the local fishmarkets!

However, given that the first two games are being broadcast on something called the Versus network (which seems like an imaginary network NHL execs made up so it doesn’t seem like they’re not broadcasting their championship series on TV) it remains to be seen whether anyone will even see this Stanley Cup finals or not.