Awhile back, Stephen Colbert — America’s favorite faux pundit — feigned indignation over his second place finish to Korean pop star Rain in the 2007 Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People online poll. Like a good talking-head, Colbert launched a war of words:

According to Rain’s website, his motto is Endless Effort, Endless Endurance, Endless Modesty. Oh yeah? Well, my motto is Infinite Modesty! And, buddy, I will carve that on the face of the moon!

But Colbert took it to the next level by dueling Rain with his own Korean pop video (which begins around the 4 minute mark):

Rain took it to the streets recently with an after-hours dance battle with the Report star (They’re breakdance fighting! No, they’re Dance Dance Revolution fighting!). Watch as Rain brings the dancefloor heat and Colbert dances in Korean:

Hmm… how can I get Colbert to feud with me?