Couch potatoes nationwide are holding our collective breath in anticipation of the sculpted abs and mean physiques we will undoubtedly develop as a result of the Wii Fit, which is being released in the States today (May 19). The unit is selling like hotcakes (fitness hotcakes, mind you) in Japan and the UK and is expected to be a best-seller here in the States. And what would a highly anticipated release be without a massive marketing blitz, a high-profile advertising and some good old controversy?

[Edit]: I’m on my way to Best Buy to see if I can score a Wii Fit of our own. I went to Best Buy in hopes of picking up a Wii Fit, only to be told that the actual release date is May 21. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who was confused. And, to add insult to injury, they didn’t even have Mario Kart Wii to stave off my disappointment. Still hoping I’ll survive the stampede on Wednesday, though.

Being a font nerd, though, I couldn’t help notice how similar the Wii Fit logo is to the Honda Fit. Compare and contrast the two logos below for the real controversy…