I went downtown toward the end of last week to pick up tickets for our family to catch the Architecture in Helsinki show at the House of Blues in November. Our four year old daughter is a big fan — lately, she has been specifically requesting their new single, Heart It Races, during our car rides. Needless to say, we’re really looking forward to this show — especially after seeing their joyous Take Away Show performance below:

While I was at the box office, I realized that it would only be a quick jaunt to Horton Plaza to pick up a beloved fried — not baked — apple pie at the McDonald’s there. I was practically skipping as I made my way up the escalators in anticipation. But instead of being rewarded with this rare delicacy, I was greeted rudely by this sign:


I briefly considered taking their advice and visiting the food court for other dining options, but I knew that despite their wide international variety, any other dessert product would be a cheap substitute. Guess it’s back to the old fried apple pie locator for now.

* * * * *

As long as I’m on this Take Away Show kick, check out these clips of Francois Virot. I hadn’t heard his work before this, but I must say the intimacy and immediacy of his performance has made a fan out of me.