One of the more interesting regular features in New York magazine is their Approval Matrix. It is, in their words, “our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.”

I’m not sure if I have any taste hierarchies, but I thought I would share what’s been appearing on my cultural radar and drawing cheers or jeers. From time to time, I will weigh in with a graphical representation of some highly-subjective rants and raves. So today, in the midst of a nice long weekend, here is my own ultra-simplified approval matrix.


Thought-Provoking / Hooray! Here is a short video from Brian McLaren talking about the state of modern worship. B-Mac brings the heat, identifying how our worship industry has developed a “clientele of sophisticated consumers of worship products and prefabricated worship experiences.” Here is his open letter to worship songwriters.

[h/t: David Gate]

Thought-Provoking / Boo! This is a great video of a “breakup” between an advertiser and a consumer. Hooray for the fun & wit in this video. Boo! on one-way, top-down, talking-at-you-is-the-only-way-I-can-communicate-with-you relationships.

[h/t: Notcot]

Brain-Dead / Hooray! This game shouldn’t be so much fun, but somehow typing the alphabet as fast as you can (over and over again) at Finger Frenzy is strangely addictive.

[h/t: Marko]

Brain-Dead / Boo! Have they suffered a downward spike in their ratings? Do they covet the mystical male 18-34 year old demographic that badly? I don’t know if it’s possible for an entire network to jump the shark, but ESPN might have come close. They now include MMA as part of their regular “sports” coverage. Just in case you are not man enough, “MMA” stands for “Mixed Martial Arts.” You know — it’s what Kip was training for. I must not be a good enough Christian to appreciate all this street fighting, but these guys have nothing on Van Damme in Bloodsport. I think they should add throwing sand in your opponent’s eyes if they want to be taken seriously as a sport. Until then, ESPN earns a matrix-breaking brain-dead boo! from me. Ugh.