This is the second Hermie DVD I have received via the Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger program, now known as Booksneeze (sounds a little gross, but the idea is “Great books are contagious”).

We showed Antonio Meets His Match to our six-year old daughter, along with a three and one year old at our church.  My daughter is a fan of Hermie; here is her review below:

This video was about loving your neighbor.  Antonio meets these other ants who are getting on his nerves because they’re blowing loud trumpets, playing dodge fruit and he tries to love them but it doesn’t work out well at first.  Antonio brought a basket of fruit to them, but they threw them back at Antonio and Hermie.

They had a contest; Antonio won the stick and fruit throwing but he didn’t know how to blow the pipes so he ended up losing because it was worth five points.  Angus won, and they said the loser had to go away from the garden.  Everyone was crying because they thought Antonio was the bravest of them all and he had to leave.

At the end, everyone was afraid of a big frog and Antonio saved them by catching the frog with a rope.  Angus high-fived Antonio and said, “Thanks, bro!”  Then the river-danced together and Hermie played the pipes.  At the end, everyone got along.

I learned to love my neighbor as myself and not to get angry with others, even when things go wrong.  I can just say things in a nice way.  I loved the video, the characters, the expressions and the songs!

Overall, the Hermie series is fun for children to watch — and not too terrible for parents, either.  I would recommend this series for the five-and-under set.  One big personal plus for me: Fred Willard is the voice of Angus!