Some of the most life-giving set of relationships I’ve cultivated from last year sprung forth from The Idea Camp tribe.  Charles Lee, founder of The Idea Camp, has just launched The Ideation Conference — sort of a next-level approach for those involved in nonprofit + humanitarian work.  In their own words:

Ideas are a dime-a-dozen. What really brings positive change to an individual, organization, or business is the actual implementation of these ideas. But in order to get there, ideas need intentional strategy, development of skill-sets, sustainable infrastructure, and a viable network.

I am planning on going as a representative for Justice Ventures International, the nonprofit organization whose Board of Directors I joined last year.  I love the work JVI does to advocate for the poor & oppressed around the world, fighting human trafficking and empowering the voiceless.  As a small organization, with most of our resources and attention focused on the work in the field, I am looking forward to hearing from and interacting with many leaders in the humanitarian field to sharpen our storytelling and communication strategies.

If you work for a nonprofit humanitarian organization, or are a leader interested in moving your church toward compassionate action, I highly recommend participating in The Ideation Conference.  It is not often that you can have face time with leaders such as Scott Harrison (charity: water), Eugene Cho (One Day’s Wages), Jake Harriman (Nuru International) and Hannah Song (Liberty in North Korea).  Check out a full list of Ideation’s speakers/facilitators here.

Register at their site and follow @theideation on Twitter for the latest updates!