I’m always humbled and amazed at my daughter’s love & generosity.  She recently won a gift certificate for a free In-N-Out burger from our local library for completing a reading program.  The first thing she wanted to do with her certificate was give it to a homeless person who was hungry.

Unfortunately, the fine print on the certificate specifies that she must be the one to use it (and be accompanied by us, her parents).  So, I asked her what she thought of using the money we would have spent on a burger and put it toward something special our church community will be doing this Advent.

This year, our church will be participating in the Advent Conspiracy (AC).  My daughter and I talked about what Advent is (the four week season of repentance, reflection and preparation leading up to Christmas) and why our church is participating in the AC this year.

We talked about how close to 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to clean water (more global water facts here from charity: water) and how our little community’s AC offering would be able to help people finally get the clean water we all need. My daughter thought about this for a minute and then said:

We’re lucky.  We have a place to live and we have clean water.

We’re really lucky.

She agreed that we would put her offering together with ours to make a difference for people without clean water.  I feel like the lucky one, privileged to watch my daughter grow in the love, grace & compassion of Jesus everyday.