I knew it was getting bad last week when the coach of Appalachian State University, who upset U of M in last year’s opening shocker, was talking smack about the Wolverines — and they weren’t even playing them this season.  Check out this quote from the App State coach after losing to LSU last weekend:

“They (LSU) are so athletic. It just wore on us,” Appalachian State coach Jerry Moore said. “They didn’t play like Michigan. They played like LSU.”


But the boys from the Big House proved they weren’t even as good as San Diego State, who gave the Fighting Irish more of a contest than yesterday’s six turnover debacle.  The 3-9 Fighting Irish from last season utterly layethed the smacketh down on the Wolverines in South Bend.  So much for Rich Rod being a genius on the offense.

Even if the Wolverines were to pull off a miraculous victory over Ohio State (excuse me — The Ohio State University) at the end of the season, I’m not sure it would mean that much, given the absolute stinker the Buckeyes laid down yesterday in the Coliseum.