And for free!

Indie heroes, +/- (with their clever domain hack website address), have a new album coming out soon.  +/- make good, honest indie rock (which is a breath of fresh air in today’s hypercommercialized, schock-rock, screamy/weepy scene).  You can listen to (and download!) their new song, Snowblind over at Stereogum.

Perhaps signaling a new musical direction, Kanye West is streaming his new song, Love Lockdown over at his blog.  Can’t say I’m the biggest hip hop fan (my tastes tend to be kind of stuck in the 90s… A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Guru, etc… which probably explains why I like The Cool Kids so much), but I really like Kanye’s work.

And, just for good measure, you can find a new Deerhoof track, Offend Maggie, at My Old Kentucky Blog.  As always, expect the eclectic from Deerhoof.  After listening to it, I kind of feel like riverdancing.  Go figure.