Last night at our church’s weekday gathering, in the midst of discussing the reliability of Scripture and the holy books of other religions, we ended up talking about The Karate Kid. My wife and I saw it the other night and we couldn’t believe how high Johnny’s voice was.

[An aside: Strange how William Zabka went from “Sweep the leg, Johnny!” to writing and producing the short film Most, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2004.]

We all remembered the theme song to Karate Kid 2The Glory of Love, of course! However, we struggled mightily when it came to naming the theme song to the first Karate Kid. We knew it was upbeat, we had a feeling it played over a fight montage…

And that’s why Al Gore invented the YouTubes — to solve such dilemmas. For your viewing pleasure, please find below the rousing anthem of the first Karate Kid film, You’re the Best!

My favorite part kicks in (!) during the bridge, around the 2:14 mark. That “Fight!” echo gets me all amped up. Why don’t they write songs like this anymore?