Working with preschool and kindergarten-aged kids this week at VBS has been awesome! The three year olds that we just welcomed into the group are hilarious.

For example, I was telling the story of Jesus putting mud onto someone’s eyes to help him see, and I asked the kids what dirt is good for. The older kids (four and five year olds) knew that you can plant seeds in dirt or put it into the garden. The threes, however, were all confused.

So I asked them if I should use mud to brush my teeth. They all smiled and nodded enthusiastically. After giving them a quick personal hygiene lesson, I asked if I should use mud to wash my hair. Again, smiles and nods all around!

Seriously, it is such a joy to participate in telling Bible stories with them. When we told the story of Peter walking on the water, we had them make “waves” with a large blue cloth — so much fun! Maybe a more immersive, participatory approach will keep our adults awake during our Sunday gatherings :)