For adventure seekers who are not afraid of being decapitated by their own recreational device, the good people of Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana have just the product for you — your very own personal rocket-powered helicopter backpack! [h/t: Engadget] Perhaps this helicopter backpack will revolutionize personal transportation the way the Segway was supposed to (never get stuck in rush hour again! almost lose your noggin every time!) — although it might be harder to customize your copter-pack, like this Segway with spinners.

And, if you ever have the cash to show Bill Gates who’s boss, then you might consider purchasing this $2 billion home [h/t: Gizmodo]. Does a person really need a 22-story home with 400,000 square feet of interior space? I guess there’s a certain madness that sets in when a person’s net worth hits ten or eleven digits. But, if each floor of this home were equally divided in worth, then just giving up one floor would be the equivalent of sponsoring almost 3 million World Vision kids for a year.