once again, for inventing the internets all those years ago.

Without your help, I would not have discovered the brilliant/detestable YouTube April Fool’s Rickrolling gag. If you visit YouTube today, you’ll find that the featured videos on their main page are never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. I’m glad to see that Mr. Astley has a sense of humor about this odd sensation. I’d love to see a team come together around 80s-style, bite-your-lower-lip type dancing on America’s Best Dance Crew (big ups to Jabba for winning, by the way!). I could see the judging now: Yo, y’alls crew smashed it. When you locked your elbows to your hips and swayed your forearms back and forth, it was sick!

And, I wasn’t sure if this headline was an April Fool’s joke or not, but where else but on the glorious interweb can one find a headline like this: F1 President Caught In Nazi Sex Scandal. While the story itself, assuming that it is real, speaks to the brokenness of humanity, that headline is definitely one for the ages.

I knew that our Wii was good for us — and now I have proof! If we can get our hands on Wii Fit when it is released, good health is just over the horizon… I know it. I don’t know if I’ll be in Marko-territory in terms of weight loss/health gains (keep it up, man!), but the Wii Fit sure looks like fun.

Finally, I’ll send you on your way by coming full circle with 80s-related inter-news… NKOTB is back, so get ready to hang tough step by step with the OG boy band of the 80s. By the way, does anyone know what was up with one of the New Kids sporting that Bauhaus t-shirt in this video? I mean, the video has all the elements of greatness (the running after potential girlfriends in what appears to be a cemetery/mausoleum, the I’ma get’chu/fuggetaboudit expression of the guys when the youngest one steals the car and the hold-the-belt-buckle and prance-side-to-side dance steps), but all these years later I still don’t get the NKOTB-Bela Lugosi’s Dead connection. Please feel free to share your conspiracy theories here (again, one of the main purposes of the internet, no?).