The next couple of months look like they’re shaping up to be a great time for Asian American ministry gatherings here in Southern California. There’s the AALC gathering up in Los Angeles right after Easter and the San Diego Asian American Leadership Conference coming up in April. My wife and I have enjoyed being on the planning team for SDAALC.

I have been doing some design work for SDAALC, trying to pull together all of the visual elements in a cohesive, compelling manner — including the website header above. The website is temporary, but includes most of the important information (date, location, speakers, etc.). Next up is putting together a brochure that we can begin passing around to churches, fellowships and individuals who are interested. Hopefully, the brochures will be ready to go within the next couple of weeks.

At the end of this month, my wife and I will be attending the National Pastors Convention here in SD. I’m looking forward to hearing from NT Wright, John Ortberg, Phyllis Tickle and Scot McKnight, among many other wonderful speakers. An added bonus: DJ Chuang will be in town for part of NPC, so I’m looking forward to hanging out with him again (we got to hang out a bit this weekend while DJ was in SD).