Because of my increasing introversion and shyness (and general mental sluggishness) I often find it difficult to make conversation with other people — strangers, in particular. According to this article, How To Be A Great Conversationalist, I’m on the right track because at least I’m not an interrogator or a braggart. Sometimes I worry about wasting someone else’s time with small talk. Other times I just don’t get the words out.

For example, here was a conversation I had awhile back at my daughter’s preschool. I was taking my daughter out of the car in the parking lot and we were just heading over to her classroom. Another parent was driving by, stopped and said out the window:

Person: Go Blue!
Me: ?
Person: I saw your Michigan plates the other day — we’re from Michigan too! (smiling)
Me: Oh. That’s nice! (grin)

In my mind, I was thinking, “Both my brother and sister are Wolverines! Hail to the Victors!” and I was all set to make the Michigan map on my right hand and ask where they were from. But, somehow, the words just floated away. I find this happening with greater frequency.

Should I worry, or should I just Wiki it?