Last week, one of the announcers for the Golf Channel stated on air that younger players, in order to combat his dominance over the sport, should take Tiger Woods into a back alley and lynch him.

Apparently, the announcer has apologized publicly on air and privately in a conversation with Woods and Woods’ agent calls the whole matter a “non-issue.”

After last year’s commotion over Dom Imus (who, incidentally, is back on the air in New York) and his derogatory racial & gender attack on the women’s basketball team of Rutgers, one might imagine on air personalities being a bit more careful in their choice of words.

This Golf Channel announcer may not be a racist (though I have my doubts about that — this particular kind of language doesn’t fall out of the sky) but she has made herself and the Golf Channel look like an amateur production. It is, after all, part of the job description for on air personalities to be able to think on their feet and find words that are not loaded with the historical weight of racial oppression, violence and death.

For example, the announcer could have said: Those young guys need to give Tiger the ol’ smackdown or The only way they’ll stop Tiger is if he is abducted by aliens. Or, she could have skipped the whole “no, really, I am funny” routine and simply said that, in order for these players to achieve Tiger’s level of dominance, they need to put in a whole lot more practice.