These are dark days for fans of Michigan sports. It is bad enough that the Tiges have been tanking it lately — did they really have the best record in baseball at some point during this season? Or is that just my mind creating a defense mechanism against all of my dashed hopes?

But the true pain emanates from the ashes of what was once known as “The Big House,” the home of University of Michigan football. Last Saturday, the Wolverines — who were supposed to contend for a national title — suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of I-AA team Appalachian State. The winningest team in college football history suffered a loss like no other. Usually the Maize & Blue wait until the end of the season to crush my gridiron dreams, but I guess they decided to get an early start this year.

I think I’ll stick with Wii Sports this season. Any tips on how to get all ten homeruns in the homerun derby? I’m stuck at nine. I finally hit ten homeruns out of ten pitches.  But now the Wolverines have been utterly crushed by a bunch of Ducks.