I first picked up an issue of The Believer back in the summer of 2005 — mostly because of the great compilation CD, I Am Not Going To Stab You, that came with that particular issue. I find it hard to keep up with those literary-type magazines (all those little words crammed in together, and not enough photos!) — but The Believer has once again delivered the goods with their most recent comp: Cue The Bugle Turbulent.

Of particular interest is the track delivered by Sufjan Stevens, which has become one of my new favorite things. Apparently, the compilers asked Sufjan to write a “rock” song, and so he did. In the Words of the Governor is a face melting barn burner by Sufjan’s usual gentle, symphonic standards. Reviewers have compared this song with fellow Michiganders The White Stripes and with avant-noise enthusiasts Polvo. It’s nice to hear Sufjan and company play it loose & fuzzy once in awhile — it provides a clever counterbalance for the achy acoustic plucking, sweeping strings and peppy horn arrangements we’re used to hearing from them. Listen to “In the Words of the Governor” for yourself here.