Our daughter loves to sing. She sings while she’s playing, while she’s brushing her teeth (quite an experience!), in the car, right before she takes her nap… She’ll sing songs from church, from her favorite CDs, and from her imagination. One day, we heard her singing a song that some of the big kids from church had performed one day. According to her, the chorus of “Supernatural God,” by Hillsong Kids is:

Super-vegetable… super-vegetable God!

vbs.jpgWe just finished up our VBS this week.  Our theme, as you can see to the left, was “Avalanche Ranch,” by Group Publishing. Group always puts together a great VBS, and this summer was no exception (the design, however, is mine).  One of the kids’ favorite songs from this week was “Forever,” by Chris Tomlin. The third line of the first verse in our daughter’s version goes like this:

For He is good, He is a bubble thing (For He is good, He is above all things)

I tried to correct her one day, but she was extremely offended.  These misheard lyrics might go down in history like “Purple Haze,” by Jimi Hendrix… “Excuse me, while I kiss this guy“…