For The Get Up Kids farewell tour, I convinced my brother to make the five-hour drive from metro Detroit out to Chicago (the complexity of our travel schedule meant that we would be missing the Detroit show, which necessitated the long drive).  It was well worth the effort.

My daughter loves rock music — at the top of her playlist are Sufjan Stevens, New Order and U2.  But, unless we’re having a “Blue Monday” dance party, she prefers listening to her CDs.  One of her Korean CDs has 100 tracks, none lasting more than about 90 seconds.  The entire album sounds like someone was holding up a tape-recorder to a boombox (or television, for certain soundtracks).  Seriously, I can hear the tape cutting off right in the middle of some of the tracks.

That’s why I was so excited to hear that Matt Pryor (of TGUK and the New Amsterdams) had released a children’s album. We just picked it up at Borders the other day.  I think I might have been more excited than my daughter to purchase it — although she definitely remembered it from listening to it online together.  It is an incredible album, decidedly non-condescending.  The songs are smart and fun, with a just hint of indie melancholy at the appropriate times.  Seriously, if your heart is not touched by “Grumpy Bug,” then you better check to see if you lost your soul somewhere.  Here are the lyrics:

Grumpy bug go to sleep.
I won’t keep you waiting.
Grumpy bug close your eyes.
I’ve got time, I’ve got all night.
I’ll wait by your bed until your drifting.
I’ll stay next to you until you sleep.
Grumpy bug will you cry?
Your watery eyes are leaking.
Grumpy bug kill the lights.
I’m not leaving your bedside.
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
I’ll stay next to you though you don’t see me.

Goodnight my bug,
Kisses and a hug now go to sleep.
You never mind so I sneak inside and watch you breathe.
Enjoy this night with your eyes closed tight and start to dream.
The hour is old and I’ll love you so but I wish you’d sleep.
Please go to sleep.