Though it remains a bit of a mystery to me, I really enjoy kitschy things. Not so much the little state spoons one might find at an interstate rest stop or corny snow globes… my tastes tend to run toward silly things a person might find in a Morning Glory stationery store. Just point me toward a Mitsuwa and I’m good to go.

After all, where else can you find awesome, and delicious, candy products like these?

Get Crunky!

It’s So Wonderful Candy!

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something very pleasing to me about busted English translations on these kinds of products. It’s not about irony or condescension. I think it has more to do with subverting our understanding of language and the difficulty of communication (perhaps a bit like David Sedaris’ experience trying to speak French in Me Talk Pretty One Day). And, anyways, how can you not smile at this cheerful lion?

Check out this translation from Babelfish (which is actually quite useful for translating individual words or short phrases) of an article featuring Kye Chung and

How many the click frequency which the many people should have used it will lead and the site of the tolerable formation emigration church far even from the company ‘ the statistical ‘ egg which charges the Internet use ranking leyk it will surpass as between the English volume Korean interest boat song it is high.

[h/t to Kye]

I can just picture someone reading this out loud and making bunny ear quotes to let the audience know that it’s just a symbolic statistical egg, not a real one.