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Some people dream of going to baseball fantasy camp – for only $5000 you and your spouse can go suffer alongside the Tigers! Me, I’ve always dreamed of going to South by Southwest (SXSW), which is basically a music, film and tech nerd’s dream.

In honor of my unfulfilled SXSW dreams, here is a free sampler from NPR featuring some great talent performing at this year’s SXSW festival.

From the Read Green Initiative, you can get a free one year magazine subscription.  There are some pretty good titles from which to choose, including Popular Science, US News and World Report, and iPhone Life.

Get the Emo is Awesome/Emo is Evil compilation free from Deep Elm, featuring tracks from the likes of Planes Mistaken for Stars and Appleseed Cast.

And, if you’re hungry, you can get a coupon for a free frozen entree from Kashi until March 15th or a coupon for a free Quiznos sub.

Charles Lee just revealed the secret guests who will be featured at The Idea Camp this Friday and Saturday.

The Idea Camp is a unique approach to gathering innovators, leaders and practitioners; as Charles describes it, “a free hybrid conference for idea makers.” In true Presbyterian fashion, let’s break that down into three points:

  • Free: This alone makes The Idea Camp pretty remarkable.  Not only is registration free (just register at The Idea Camp site), but none of the speakers will be paid either.  Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with paying for a conferences (especially one loaded with top-notch thinkers & leaders like this) or for presenters to be paid — however, it says something pretty powerful about the ethos of and commitment to sharing & networking that The Idea Camp holds.
  • Hybrid: It’s one thing to talk about believing in the collected wisdom of the crowd, but it’s another thing to actually take steps towards open-sourcing ideas and innovation.  Imagine the focus of a conference not only being able to hear from well-known innovators like Erwin McManus and David Gibbons, but being encouraged to connect with like-minded peers, many of whom are certain to have incredible wisdom and passion to share as well.
  • Idea Makers: I must admit, I’m still very much in the process of awakening to the dreams God has for me and my wife as we lead our small church community.  One reason I’m looking forward to The Idea Camp is that the more I hear from friends who are committed to embodying and building the Kingdom in creative ways, the more alive and aware I become to the possibilities of what God can do in and through me, my family and my church.  Seriously, it’s going to be hard to narrow things down from this fantastic list of workshops.  I still can’t quite explain the whole Twitter deal, but I’m looking forward to a couple of tweetups — it will be great to connect face-to-face with friends I’ve been tracking with online for awhile now.

For more on The Idea Camp, check out these thoughts from Dave Ingland, Greg Atkinson and Jonathan Chan.

A couple of quick notes about TwitterDJ Chuang gave me one of the most succinct descriptions I’ve heard: “Twitter is text message blogging.”  Now, I’m as skeptical as anyone else of tweets that read like pointless Facebook status updates — e.g., “Daniel likes French Toast more than pancakes” or “Daniel just caught up on 24” (although I’m totally prone to updating that way!!).  However, for an event like The Idea Camp, Twitter is an incredibly useful tool to connect with others, gain real-time insight into the happenings throughout and share perspectives in a quick and concise manner.  If you’ll be Twittering, please remember to use the hashtag #theideacamp — you can track #theideacamp here.

Christianaudio, which is a great site run by a friend from San Diego, offers a free audiobook each month that you can download.

This month, the featured free audiobook is Not for Sale by David Batstone. David leads the Not for Sale movement dedicated to ending human trafficking and slavery.

I encourage you to support Christianaudio.  They feature a wide variety of audiobooks, including a couple of free talks from NT Wright and Dallas Willard, that will help you make it through your rush hour commute!

A little while back down here in San Diego I met Jason Coker, who started an organization called Twoshirts.  In their words:

Twoshirts is a community of gift-giving where people freely give and receive all kinds of different things in our items listings, from appliances, to clothing, to help and services.

Twoshirts members have given away over 1000 items to each other since we started in January, 2008. We simply think generosity is a better way to live.

In fact, our vision is to connect the world in relationships of generosity.

There’s hardly a better way to become a generous person than to begin practicing generosity.

Also, if you’d like a quick music fix, you can find free tracks from Rooftop Vigilantes and Handome Furs over at Stereogum.   Insound has a couple of free MP3s as well, including the irrepressibly bouncy Los Campesinos!

If you’re feeling kinda dancy, but not particularly bouncy, you can listen to the new The Whitest Boy Alive track at their MySpace.  Can’t wait for the new Kings of Convenience album!!

At some point, I should probably consider consolidating these posts, but they’re just too much fun to title!

Anyhoo, in order to help counteract the soul-darkening madness of the post-Christmas mall madness, Asthmatic Kitty has some fun Christmas freebies, including ringtones, a Christmas video game (dialing Grandma’s number in 8-bit land is surprisingly difficult) and a couple of free Christmas tracks from Sufjan Stevens.

Better late than never, no?  As the title of last year’s The Great Sufjan Song Xmas Xchange winner suggests, Everyday is Christmas.

With more BPM (that’s Blips Per Minute) than your last Galaga marathon, the 8-Bit Jesus Christmas album by Doctor Octoroc is sure to nerdify your holiday, for free!

Songs like Super Jingle Bros., Ryu the Red Nosed Ninja and The Legend of Noel combine old school NES nostalgia with good ol’ fashioned holiday nostalgia.  Toss in an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifle and you’re good to go.