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Last week, our family visited Los Angeles for a quick getaway.  Through a recommendation of a friend, we visited the Noah’s Ark exhibit at the Skirball Center.  We had a fantastic time there!

I had never heard of the Skirball, even though it’s just up the street from the Getty Center (which we’ve visited many times).  I’m so glad that we took one afternoon out to visit.

The Noah’s Ark exhibit is an immersive, interactive experience filled with creativity.  After entering the museum and finding our way to the Noah’s Ark exhibit, we waited for a couple of minutes for a quick orientation.

There, we found out that the animals on display throughout the Ark are made from recycled materials.  For example, they fashioned flamingos from spools of thread, fly swatters and combs and alligators from tires and violin cases.

Kids are free to run around, explore hands-on, and create their own animals from recycled art materials.  We used almost our entire two-hour block in the exhibit.  If you have kids, or are a kid at heart, the Noah’s Ark exhibit is a great place to spend the afternoon.

What does it say about the loss of play in our culture that it takes an automobile company to bring it back?

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This summer, somehow, I ended up seeing more films than I have in the past five or six years combined.  Since most of these films were from the summer-blockbuster variety (Star Trek, Wolverine, GI Joe, etc.) I ended up seeing many of the same trailers over and over. I feel like I’ve already seen some of those films, even though they haven’t been released.

However, it might have been before District 9 (which was super-intense, by the way; I’m stressed just remembering it!), I saw this lovely trailer for Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are:

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The good folks of Adah Design have released a free handset font, Oh Mercy! Nice work from some nice people.

You can find several great logo/pictogram-ready fonts over at Fontfabric. My personal favorites are Val and Mod.  I appreciate the ability to reverse the A, M, V & W characters.

Check some of the designer’s applications below:

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While there has been some robust discussion/debate on the benefits/drawbacks of twittering during church gatherings, along with some mainstream press, I find that this has not really been a relevant issue for our little community.  Only a couple of us use the Twitter and, out of that handful of people, I am probably the most actively engaged.  I must confess, I like gadgets (even if I can’t purchase them), but my interest in Twitter goes beyond fascination with shiny new toys.

This Time article, How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live, contains one insight in particular that I believe speaks volumes to those of us who believe church is a movement, not a monument; that it’s the people, not the buildings. End-user innovation in the Twitterverse is innovation:

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Mark Canesco has made his font, Quatro, available for free download here.  You’ll need to email him directly to get the link (despite the overwhelming number of requests he has received, Mark was very prompt in replying to my email). Check out some of the great logos he’s created over on his site.  [h/t: AisleOne]

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