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A Remarkable Gathering

Even though The Ideation was only two days, it was a whirlwind of incredible individuals and organizations committed to bringing hope, justice and good into the world.  As Brian Cooper, CEO of Glimmer of Hope, said, “It’s so rare to be in a whole roomful of people who care more about others than themselves.”

At The Ideation, I was privileged to represent Justice Ventures International — a nonprofit working to eradicate human trafficking, empower the urban poor, and ensure access to justice for the oppressed — as a board member and as part of the Pathos Ethos team — a web strategy group finding ways to partner with organizations working to love human + do good in the world.

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Ideation Thoughts

There was simply too much to unpack for one blog post, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts in a short series of posts over the next couple of weeks.  I was humbled and inspired by this remarkable gathering of compassionaries — from the stage, breakout sessions, informal hallway chats, and gatherings over meals.

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Personal Pain Leading to Compassionate Action

One thread that wove throughout The Ideation was that of personal awakening often born out of pain – pivotal moments that changed the course of people’s lives compelling them to decisive action for the sake of others.

. . . Scott Harrison of charity: water came face to face with the person he had become, was broken & inspired by his work with Mercy Ships and started an organization that has changed the face of charitable giving today.

. . . Eugene Cho was compelled, in part, to begin One Day’s Wages when asked by his children what he was going to do about extreme global poverty.

. . . Jake Harriman came face to face with the roots of terrorism (extreme poverty, lack of education and injustice) and was set on the path of starting Nuru International.

. . . Lotay Yang lost his best friend — his father — in a car accident and was moved to compassionate action on behalf of those who are suffering.  His organization, The Black Card Circle Foundation, raises funds to support organizations that serve in core areas of education, environment, health care, community development and poverty relief.

. . . The Love146 story began from an undercover investigation into the fight against child sex trafficking.

This kind of deeply personal investment answers the question of many nonprofit organizations, “How do we get others to care about our cause/work/organization?”

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Where Is Your Awakening?

People matter.

As a follower of Christ, I believe deeply that we are each created in the image of God, with inherent value, worth and dignity.That moment of recognition of other people around us changes us. These awakenings are often catalyzed by personal experiences of pain that lead to empathy and, in turn, compassionate action.