Sometimes, I love the Twitter machine (and not just for photos like these, although without cat photos, would the internet even really exist?).

This morning, as I was considering the call God has placed before our family and the challenges that are sure to come with it, I could hear how God was was speaking through these tweets:

Art matters

Although pastors and church leaders have much to learn from the world of corporations and business management, my guiding images for ministry and future look have more to do with gardens, shepherds, and art.

I have to remind myself, constantly, that ministry is about what matters, not what gets results. We want to unleash redemption, beauty, and a story bigger than ourselves through our work — in a culture so quick to tear down, to guide a church that builds up, redeems, and invites others into wonder, awe, and worship of our Redeeming King.

To that end, I am also in constant prayer for courage. Jesus tells us to pray that God will send out workers into the harvest field — and, perhaps, for us to become the answer to that prayer.

As Frederick Buechner says (and of which I was reminded again today, via Twitter):

Best prayers - shade

May you pray as if you were not afraid, may you follow Jesus wherever He leads (it might be closer than you think), and may you do what matters today.