I’m looking forward to reading Center Church, by Timothy Keller. As a pastor, I deeply appreciate the humility and grace with which he pastors and speaks.

In this age of multi-site, video venue, and celebrity church leaders, Keller’s wisdom cuts through the noise like a friend shouting your name in a crowd:

A pastor should be marked by humility, love, joy, and wisdom that is visible and that attracts people to trust and learn from them.

As a pastor, you may not be the best preacher, but if you are filled with God’s love, joy, and wisdom, you won’t be boring!

You may not be the most skillful organizer or charismatic leader, but if your holiness is evident, people will follow you.

This means, at the very least, that a dynamic, disciplined, and rich prayer life is not only important in the abstract and personal sense; it may be the most practical thing you can do for your ministry.