The Idea Camp tribe has been so life-giving to me over the last couple of years.  This amazing group of compassionaries has inspired, challenged, and partnered with me in ways that have changed me and compelled me towards concrete action for good — to demonstrate the reality that God has not given up on the world by becoming better expressions of God’s love for the world.

I loved being a part of #Ideation11, even if it was only for a day. While the Ideation Conference is not strictly faith-based, this gathering of amazing idea-makers, creatives, and doers from both the nonprofit and business worlds moves powerfully together for good. A huge thanks to Charles Lee and the team for bringing together such an incredible gathering.

Hopefully, I can post more fully-formed reflections soon, but I wanted to share some of the amazing quotes from this year’s conference (in the spirit of 20 Notes & Quotes from The Ideation Conference). Special thanks to @decart and @jessegiglio for being champion note-sharers!

EDIT: Here are some great notes/reflections from #Ideation11 by Jesse Giglio and Lindsey Talerico.



“We are not our circumstance.” @estherhavens

“Changing the world starts by humbly listening to its pain, then joining others who hear it too.” @decart

“Many of us know more about what’s happening in Libya than we do in our own communities. This isn’t good.” @ghoshal


“Ideas are born and killed in isolation. We need others to help us create.” @scottbelsky

“Inspiration took a back seat to perspiration this year.”@charlestlee

“Design is a competitive advantage in the non-profit world, we should invest in it.” @scottbelsky


“Your priorities are where you spend your time. Your calendar doesn’t lie.” @scottbelsky

“Exhausting your networks by talking about the same thing over and over again is not collaboration.” @charlestlee

“Move from casual collaborative relationships to formal. This brings clarity to the expectation of both parties.” @charlestlee

“Innovation happens in clusters.” @chrisdyball


“Story is the key to everything.” @rodarnold

“We’re not in the business of fundraising, we’re in the business of telling great stories.” @rodarnold


“Organize with a bias towards action.” @scottbelsky

“Your organization needs a metric of measuring impact. Not activity, impact.” @KeithKall

“Default towards action. Bias towards ignorance. Rapid prototyping. Fail often, fail cheap, fail often.” @FallingWhistles