From June 28th through July 31st, a team of riders will be cycling down the 1800 miles of the historic Underground Railroad route in order to raise awareness of and bring an end to modern-day slavery on the Stop Injustice: 5 Weeks for Freedom tour.

5 Weeks for Freedom supports the work of International Justice Mission, a human rights agency doing incredible work around the world to fight injustice and bring hope to many people trapped in slavery and other forms of injustice. The cycling tour will be led by Venture Expeditions, who have sponsored cross-country ride:well tours with blood: water mission in the past.


We Can Defeat Slavery Again

I must admit, I often feel the task of defeating human trafficking and modern-day slavery is overwhelming.  However, I’m thankful to be a part of this blog tour (read other posts in this blog tour at the 5WFF site) because I love the hopeful reminder from IJM and the 5 Weeks for Freedom campaign:

The Underground Railroad route reminds us that change happens when ordinary people do what they can to stop injustice, that the evil of slavery has been defeated once, and that, together, we can do it again


Join the Fight Against Injustice

Find out if the 5 Weeks for Freedom tour is coming to your town and see how you can get involved in bringing an end to slavery today.


You can watch a two-minute clip below from IJM about the 5 Weeks for Freedom tour: