One of the things our family enjoys about the free Booksneeze review program is the occasional DVD that comes along.  My daughter has enjoyed Gigi videos in the past, so she was really excited to watch this one, Gigi’s Big Break.

Here is my daughter’s review, in her own words:

I really did like this DVD. I learned a lot from it.  My favorite part of The Pink Surprise was where Gigi was imagining what her parents would get her but then she finds out she’s getting a baby sister!  She was imagining she was in Paris, or going to the beach — getting a baby sister was better because then you have more family and you get to look after your baby sister. I like how she was thinking and then she got to cradle her baby sister.

In The White Lie Gigi learns that it’s no fun to lie because once you tell a lie, it keeps growing.  After you tell a lie, you feel guilty and wish you had never told it.  The lie started when Gigi told her mom she was going to practice her dancing in her bedroom, but instead she went to living room.  She knocked over a vase in the living room, and she lied about that too.  The worst part was when she lied about her friend.  She told her mom and dad the truth, and she was crying because she was so sorry.  Gigi wasn’t allowed to go to her best friend’s house, but her parents were so happy she told the truth.