Francis Chan is joining the Flannel crew!

[h/t: Johnny Laird]

Flannel, the production team behind the Nooma series (featuring Rob Bell), is partnering with Francis Chan to produce a new DVD series called We Are Church.

Francis is a dynamic communicator.  Last year, we took a group of college students up to the Passion Los Angeles event, and Francis’ words spoke deeply into our lives.  His passion is contagious, and his communication style manages to inspire without bashing a person over the head (Lord knows, I’ve seen enough of that in my day).

Will We Are Church be as successful as the Nooma series?  I hope so — from the introduction Francis gives (you can watch here), it seems like they’re asking all the right questions about what it means to be the church.  It would be incredible to see an Asian American find a platform to speak into the life of the church and culture in the way someone like Rob Bell has.

Is this video, Stop & Think, a glimpse into what the future holds for We Are Church?  Who knows, but it’s well worth the 15 minutes it takes to watch it:

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