I think Twitter is causing my inability to write complete thoughts (speaking of which, you can still vote for my Twitter-inspired Threadles shirt!).  Well, at least, I’ll blame Twitter (Dear Twitter machine, thanks for being the fall guy… or should I say, fail guy? Terrible!)…

In any case, I’ve been enjoying Tumblr as a sort of photoblog repository for the miscellany and randomness I enjoy throughout the week.  I like the clean layout (especially after a few tweaks here and there) and the simplicity — my Tumblr is sort of a landing spot between a tweet and a fully-formed post that I would blog here.

Maybe one day, I’ll end up consolidating things.  It’s hard to predict my internet machine usage (these days, I hardly use the Facebook at all).  In case you’re interested, though, please check out headsparks.tumblr.com for pictures, videos and quotes that catch my eye.