I designed this graphic for our church’s web site last week:


As Brian McLaren writes in Everything Must Change, “Eschatology always wins.”  That is, what we believe about the future distinctly shapes how we live today.  Believing that we’re just hanging on until we can escape this sin-soaked mess will lead to a profoundly different way of life than believing God continues to be very much in love with the world and the people He created. One leads to despair; the other, hope.  The church I want to be a part of is not a monument; it is a movement of hope & redemption.

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On a side note, I am currently in the midst of a web design project with my friend Richard.  If you, or someone you know, needs some graphic and/or web design work, drop me a line.  We offer great work at reasonable prices!

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And, speaking of movements, I encourage you to support Eugene Cho’s organization dedicated to fighting global poverty.  Let’s get the Facebook group to one million people (it’s already at over 690,000 people) — join the cause today.