Here at NewSong in Irvine – just had a great lunch with Laurence Tom, Dawn Carter, Dave Ingland and Idea Camp web guru Daniel Li and starting the first main session of The Idea Camp!

The ethos of the Idea Camp is collaboration, friendship and innovation.  We just watched a short film, Benched, about ways we can practically benefit and bless our neighborhoods.  Charles Lee is interviewing Jeff Shinabarger about dreaming for our communities and then acting on those dreams.  For example, Gift Card Giver took about two years to decide if it was going to be worth pursuing (which, it turns out, it was!).

Questions are coming in already via text — “Did you get any pushback from the city when planning for the benched project?”  Response, “Sometimes you ask for permission, sometimes for forgiveness!”  But since they’ve launched out, there haven’t been any problems.

More to come!