I’ve always been intrigued by the subversive, immediate, and sometimes jarring nature of street art.

Banksy‘s work on the West Bank powerfully conveys a longing for freedom, regardless of one’s political perspective.

Sometimes, street art can be subtle and/or whimsical — for example, The Kiss by Leon Reid IV in London would be easy to miss.  Works like this, titled Eat Out, rearrange everyday items in thought-provoking ways.

This street sign, though fake, rings true (at least for me, with my deer phobia).

I recently read about something called The Pedestrian Project, which brings street sign characters to life in unexpected ways (although for sheer awesomeness, it’s hard to beat Robocop emerging from a television to consume fried chicken).

* * * * *

We hope to capture some of this spirit as we raise awareness about human trafficking with The Freeze Project, which will be coming to San Diego soon (stay tuned for details).