A little while back down here in San Diego I met Jason Coker, who started an organization called Twoshirts.  In their words:

Twoshirts is a community of gift-giving where people freely give and receive all kinds of different things in our items listings, from appliances, to clothing, to help and services.

Twoshirts members have given away over 1000 items to each other since we started in January, 2008. We simply think generosity is a better way to live.

In fact, our vision is to connect the world in relationships of generosity.

There’s hardly a better way to become a generous person than to begin practicing generosity.

Also, if you’d like a quick music fix, you can find free tracks from Rooftop Vigilantes and Handome Furs over at Stereogum.   Insound has a couple of free MP3s as well, including the irrepressibly bouncy Los Campesinos!

If you’re feeling kinda dancy, but not particularly bouncy, you can listen to the new The Whitest Boy Alive track at their MySpace.  Can’t wait for the new Kings of Convenience album!!