Reports say tickets for President-Elect Obama’s upcoming inauguration are being sold for anywhere between $20,000 to $40,000.  I heard a radio report awhile back that mentioned hotels have long been sold out in the DC area for the inauguration, and local residents are offering the barest of bare-bones accomodations (read: you can set up a tent in their cold, cold backyard — and no restroom facilities) for $100/night. has been running an online competition for ideas to change America. will then launch a nationwide campaign to support the top ideas and will present them for the full consideration of the Obama administration.

Charles Lee, co-founder of JustOne and lead cultural catalyst of New Hope Church in the LA area, has made it the final round of voting.  His idea is to build more shelters around the nation dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking.  Here’s the full description:

In light of the recent growth of awareness and practice of reporting human trafficking suspicion around the country (which has resulted in more rescues and arrests), I would like to see our government help fund a national media campaign to build more trafficking shelters around the United States. In addition, our government could also award some of our private, recognized service providers with funding for building and operating shelters for trafficking victims.

You can check out Charles’ blog here or vote directly at to help build more trafficking shelters.  I strongly encourage you to raise your voice and help this worthy idea rise to the top of the list.